Attract your audience, don’t annoy them.

NOAO unites captivating design with uncommon strategy to deliver clients who are desperately searching for exactly what you offer.

Picking a graphic designer doesn’t have to be hard.

We’re obsessed. Our days are spent researching competition, conceptualizing brands, and nailing down target audiences. We’re experts at appealing to your clients by using the colors they want to see, the fonts that make them feel, and crafting messages spoken in the right tone in the right language.


Design helps your business tell a story… and story is what breathes life into your brand. We use visual design strategically so you can show the world your value, engage new audiences and reinvigorate old ones. Check out our process to get an idea of how we can best help your company dream big.


Branding is much more than a logo, font, and color scheme. When its done right, great branding tells your story, bridges an emotional connection, and nurtures trust. A great brand serves as the guiding light for your vision, values and mission in this world. Above all, a great brand will deliver great results.


Modern day audiences aren’t moved by cookie-cutter, stock photo images on your website. They can smell cheap web design from a mile away. If you don’t stand out, or stand for something, you become “just another company” lost in the noise.


Having a gorgeous website won’t mean much if paying customers never get to see it. Only 8% of people click beyond the first page of Google, and you can bet the companies that got there did so with a plan of action.

Do you want to know more about our process?


Before putting pen to paper on any design work, we dedicate time to interpret your brand story, understand your customers and analyze the competition in your space.


This is when the magic happens. Based on the clear sense of direction we strategized, we put our heads together to dream big and create the amazing.


When it comes time to launch, we double and triple check everything before it goes live. You get all the vectors, files and guidelines you’ll need for future campaigns.


Post launch, we consult on logical next steps to get to the next level. Design development, social media management and more. We’re with you for the whole journey.

“I can't define NOAO, as it often happens with certain beautiful things in life that you can't give a name to. But I know that what we are today we also owe it to their vision, to their unprecedented point of view. To their elegance and cleanliness in giving shape and identity to the realities that follow.”

Giorgio MarcheseArchitect

Set yourself apart in a sea of competitors.